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Dear Parents/Guardians


Warmest greetings from Bubendorff Memorial Grammar School, Adazi-Nnukwu family! We wish you Happy Easter in advance. We thank God for the successful completion of this second term. We pray for God’s protection throughout the period of Easter holidays.

The task of bringing up responsible children at this present age is onerous and challenging. It is, therefore, pertinent that you should know your children whereabout, know when their behavior started changing. The institution, on her part, makes effort to see that your aim of training your child/ children in the college is achieved, relying on the grace of God any way.

The scratch card your son used in first term is still the one he will use to print his result. Some parents never care about printing and seeing the result of their son. Print your son’s result and go through it. Appreciate him on the areas he performed well and encourage him to do more. Correct him on the areas he did not measure up well and boost his morale. Let him not waste the whole holiday period playing. He is advised to cover his second term examination questions as their usual resumption exercise will be culled from them. His success is our target.


Students misplace and loss their articles of clothing and belongings carelessly. They abandon their clothes at random particularly when rain beat them. As regards that, we plead with you to write his full name on all his clothes and belongings. Write it where it is visible, preferably on the visible side of the cape of his shirt and the visible side of his short or trouser.

This will serve two purposes

1.    It helps to identify the owner when or where ever it is seen or picked

2.    It enables us to know when one puts on another’s wear.

3.    If one picks another’s own and sees a name on it , one is scared to put it on.

Many clothes are lost because they bear no name. Save your money by writing your son’s full name on his articles of clothing and other belongings. We begin to punish those who have no name on their clothes.

Some students do not have bucket and tea cup. They continue discomforting others. When they come back in January, every student MUST have at least, a bucket bearing his full name, not abbreviation. Writing his full name on it will help us know when one collects another’s bucket. Also, some go for breakfast without tea cup on the day’s tea is taken. Secure a tea cup for your son. It could be plastic or stainless. Any one you can afford. Write your son’s name on it. Also, all those in SS1 and SS2 must have personal cutlass for labour

Jersey has been the regular wear students put on on daily basis. Provide, at least, two sets for your son. (By set, we mean top and short). They cannot manage one set of jersey. Some do complain that they have only one. There is no way one can manage only one set of jersey. Hence, they are tempted to collect another person’s own when they wash theirs. This is also applicable to other of their belongings.





·         JSS1 Students: Yellow

·         JSS2 Students: Blue

·         JSS3 Students: Red

·         SS1 Students: Green

·         SS2 Students: Black

·         SS3 Students: Orange

Secure for your son enough toiletries and tissue paper. Some do borrow these from their neighbours. Such act is unhygienic.




·         JSS1, JSS2, SS1 and SS2 are to pay the total fees of N 75,000

·         JSS3  are to pay N80,000

School fees are payable into the following accounts:

First Bank: 2031991810

Zenith Bank: 1014036834

Fidelity Bank: 5210061572

UBA: 1013335055

Uzondu Microfinance Bank: 1100409738

Adazi-Nnukwu Microfinance Bank: 2343-9

Account Name: BMGS Adazi-Nnukwu

Name of Depositor: Your Son’s name

Students should pay their school fees before resumption date. No student will be allowed into the school without his payment slip.


-          The official school sandal is CORTINA. It is expected that students should have at least two pairs of it and a pair of black shoe

-          Secure, at least, two sets of jersey for your son

-          Make sure that your son’s school uniform and day wears are in order.

3.    THESE OFFENSES ATTRACT SEVERE PUNISHMENT WHICH CAN BE EXPLUSION: use of phone (seized phone is not returned), vandalism, theft, scaling through the fence and bulling.

4.    BANKING OF STUDENT’S POCKET MONEY: Parents are advised to deposit their money to the bursary department on the resumption day. This helps to curtail the temptation of stealing.

5.    CHECKING OF RESULTS: The computation of results is on-going. However, you are to check your son’s result from the 4th day of April With the scratch card that was given to him this term. Visit the school website to verify your ward’s/son’s registration number before checking his result.

6.    RESUMPTION DATE: The school resumes on Sunday, April 14, 2024 for third term 2023/2024 academic session. You must come back on this day. Remember that we have resumption exercises. Each subject carries 10 marks. If you miss them, know that you have lost 10 marks in all the subjects taken.

7.    SKILL ACQUISITION: Many students have paid for this: It will take off in third term. We still encourage the few that remain to pay it up.

8.    SPORTS EQUIPMENTS: Avail your son/ward of sport equipment of his choice, ie Table Tennis and Badminton Racquets, balls, Chess, etc. Ask your son/ward his area of interest. He also needs a pair of white canvas for jogging.





Rev. Fr. Augustine Oguine                                                                                       Rev. Fr. Vincent Nwajagu

        Principal/ Manager                                                                                               Assistant Manager