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This section is specially meant to assist students to study when not in school. It will also be a guide which parents can use to help and where possible coach/teach their children while they are on holiday or break.

The Section contains the following
1. The Scheme of work for Junior and Secondary sections on the various subjects offered
2. Study Videos for various classes and subjects
3. Notes for students in various subjects.

4. Assignments for Students in various subjects and classes

5. Quiz and Exam (in-progress)

To gain access to the documents or videos, simply click on the link, to download (the scheme of work or notes) or get linked up to the video on our Facebook Page
Note that you can also print the downloaded document, to get the hard-copy if necessary.

Students and Parents are therefore advised to go through the scheme of work before every term begins, while in section and during holidays this will help them prepare better and monitor their progress. They can also use the videos for better understanding of topics before/after reading the notes

This is to ensure they are well prepared for both internal and external examinations. It will also ensure that learning continues even as the world battles with the COVID-19 PANDEMIC


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