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Parents and Guardians

The parents or guardians in BMGS are those whose children are bonafide students of the college. He or she could be the biological father or mother, siblings, sponsors of our students in the college. He or she must not necessarily have direct biological relationship with our  students.

They provide the students' basic needs and services namely: school fees, academic materials, regular correspondence with the college, attendance to PTA meetings, bazaar and Annual school feast day celebration, visiting on his or her child/ ward . The parents'/guardians'  provide relevant information about thier children or ward to the college.

The college welcomes generous donations both in cash and kind for the needed support and upkeep of the school and students.They are free to visit the college and obtain relevant information about the welfare of thier children/wards. Together with the formators and staff in the college, the parents/guardians collaborate in helping the students achieve their full potentials.

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